'A Purpose Ridden' 

Featured Speaker


Ryan Correy is an accomplished adventure cyclist, author, fueling guru, and founder of Bikepack Canada. He will be speaking on variety of engaging topics throughout the weekend. His book 'A Purpose Ridden' will also be availible for sale and signing at the Hammer Nutrition Canada booth. 




A D V E N T U R E  C Y C L I S T & 

H A M M E R  N U T R I T I O N  F U E L I N G  G U R U






Tyler Hamilton

VIP night speaker

Tyler Hamilton is a eight-time Tour de France competitor,  and a New York Times Bestselling author









Featured Speaker

At the Edmonton Bike Show   

Cycling and Bike/Barge Trips around      

   the World

Travel specialists Sue Flemming & Exodus Travels

Cycling and Bike/Barge Trips around the World


Travel specialists Sue Flemming & Exodus Travels


Sue Flemming, Adventure Travel Specialist, believes in taking the active, healthy lifestyle you have at home on vacation with you!  Sue is a self-proclaimed travel addict who combines her love of travel with her other passions of triathlon, mountain biking and trekking.  Join Sue along with Kent from Exodus Travels as they take you on a journey to some of the top biking destinations in the world.


For 40 years Exodus Travels have been crafting and developing the widest range of cycling holidays across the globe. From relaxing cycling holidays in France to cycling the highest roads over the Himalaya, nothing compares to the freedom of two wheels. At Exodus we have a team of dedicated cycling experts who are crafting the perfect adventure just for you.

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