Exhibitor Hand Book



Electrical is not provided to your booth. If you require an electrical hookup please complete a online purchase for electrical to your booth. The cost associated with electrical reflects the over time labour for the setup. Electrical can be purchased on the shop for accessories page. Electical for the show is $126.67


Standard: The most common household circuit is capable of delivering 15 amps, or 15a x 120v=1800 watts.

Guest WIFI

Guest WIFI is complimentary at the Butterdome. Speed and availability are not guaranteed with guest WIFI.

Secure WIFI

If your require a more reliable and secure WIFI connection the cost is $65 per code and can be purchased through our online accessories shop. Personal secure code given. Recommended for registering guest or online shopping.


Hard line internet

Hard line internet at your booth for setting up your point of sale machine. Please call your provider prior to purchasing to insure they will. 1. support this 2. walk you through the appropriate setup on the show floor. Cost for hard line internet $130 per line.

Food sampling

If you are sampling or providing a food or beverage product complete the form below and contact the Health Department. Also contact us directly to determine if your sampling is approved for distribution at the Butterdome.

DEADLINE February 4th


Health department - Food Application form

You must complete the Application Form and fax a copy to the Edmonton Environmental Health Department Fax. as well as a copy of the approval to Edmontonbikeshow@gmail.com. This package contains information on sink requirements, handwash stations etc., so please be sure to read this. Attach form below.

Please get your form into alberta health ASAP so you have there approvals by show time.

Please call and mention the show for special rates.

Please call the number below and book central reservation. Mention the Edmonton Bike Show to enjoy great rates.


Book with central reserations office.



Vehicles on show floor

Motor vehicles and or gasoline powered equipment to be exhibited shall have the minimum fuel needed to move them in and out of show grounds 1/8 of a tank or less. If you plan on bringing a vehicle to the show floor email us for consent of any vehicle or equipment requiring fuel of any type.




Animals on the Show Floor: If you plan on bringing an animal onto the show floor, please inquire with us prior to doing so.

Permission may be granted.



Epic Outdoors LTD, will not assume responsibility for losses or damages incurred or any other causes. Exhibitors should take all possible precautions to protect their own property, including insurance for liability within your booth space if so desired.

Shipping and storage Needed before the show


Due to limited access to the Butterdome prior to Saturday we cannot accept shipping before the move-in time. This means no shipping can be accepted until Saturday morning between move in times. If you absolutely need to ship something to the show on Friday, please contact us to determine a solution.


**Shipping option by request only.

For additional costs we can arrange GES to accept a shippment and delivery it to your booth at move-in time.


We apologies for this inconvenience.



Please Take time to Review the Handbook Carefully


Epic Outdoors LTD, Welcomes and Thanks You for choosing to be a part of our team at the 2017 Edmonton Bike Show. We encourage you to print and use the helpful tools on this page to have a profitable and enjoyable exprience at the Show. The Show Office will be set up at the The Butterdome, on Saturday February 25, 2017 6am

VIP Badges

We will be providing badges, Please wear your badge in a visible location while at the show. We will provide a badge for each staff member you have. Please request the appropriate number of badges on arrival. Please return your badges at the end of the show to the front desk.



Keep this alert in mind and arrive with sufficiant time to setup your booth, there will be 4 wheel flat decked trollies to move items to your booth. Again we are operating on short time be early.

Unfortunately do to snow & rocks and vehicles scuffing the floor surface in the Butterdome no move-in vehicles are permitted. A select few vehicles will be cleaned and brought inside using tarps to drive on. These vehicles are used for advertisements during the show. If you have a vehicle you wish to have in the building during the show please contact us ASAP.


Exhibitor move-in time

Saturday, February 25, 2017 6am - 9:30am All exhibitors must be officially registered at our show floor office before set up. Please see floor office (front desk) on arrival for further details. All exhibits must be completely moved in and ready for show time by end of move in time, Show opens Saturday morning at 10:00am. Exhibitors may not set up during show hours.


Loading dock

Refer to your floor map or contact us for more details.


Where is the show again?


University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

T6G 2H9



February 25th and 26th, 2017

Saturday, February 25th:

6am - 9:30am (Exhibitors Move-in)

Saturday, February 25th: 

10am - 4pm (Show Open)

Saturday, 25th VIP night: 

4:30pm - 7pm (Show Open)

Sunday, February 26th:

10am - 4pm (Show Open)

4pm - 7pm (Show move out)

(Overnight security provided)




University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

T6G 2H9


Exhibitor parking

There are many parking areas on the U of A campus, please follow the link above for more info. You will find the Butterdome in the middle of the campus map once your land on the link.


prices subject to change


All signs and other materials must stay within your rented booth space. Your space is described as 10' X 10' X 8' Tall. If you wish to exceed the 8' prior aproval from show management is required.


Audio & Visual

Must be confined to your booth and not be a diruption to other exhibitors and or show PA.


Tents & Canopies

All Tents MUST have a CSA certification tag attached to them, without this tag of certification from CSA your tent is NOT permitted in the building under any circumstances. All tents over 10x10 size and or 2 10x10 together require a fire alarm taped to the ceiling. We provide limited alarms.


Fire Regulations

All Exhibitors, Show Management, and Visitors are obligated to abide Fire code regulations for the city of Edmonton. Show managment retain the right to refuse any materials or objects that do not meet current city of Edmonton fire code. All tents, Canopies or overhead structures must be fire retarant. All manufacture overhead structures must have CSA tag on them. All other overhead structures must have documentaion that states they are in accordance with CSA and City of Edmonton fire code.


Balloons and other Inflatables

All items classified as such need prior approval from show management.


Combustable & Compressed gasses

All items classified as such need prior approval from show management.


Butterdome Floor

The floor in the butterdome is a rubber like surface, please respect the floor and do not scuff or apply tape and or place sharp objects directly on the floor surface. Damages to the floor will be billed back to the booth exhibitors that do not respect the flooring. If you have concerns about damaging the floor please contact us for coverage solutions.

Purchase booth accessories

If you require booth accessories such as, table, chairs, and/or draping please select one of the options below. These funds will be passed on to our show floor management team at GES. For custom accessories please contact us.


GES will have your accessories package set up and ready for you before move-in times. Please note it is totally up to you whether you purchase any rental accessories. Keep in mind there will be a back drape provided and your booth space will be left total open for you to dress up as you please.


DEADLINE February 10th Options will be available after this date at a increased rate

Note; you won't like the increased rate so please order early.


Option #1 - $55

Includes 3’ft high side walls and 8’ft high back wall and 2 chairs.


Option #2 - $100

Includes 3’ft high side walls, 8’ft high back wall and 1 – 8’ft skirted table


Option #3 - $140

Includes 3’ft high side walls, 8’ft high back wall, 1 – 8’ft skirted table, and two folding chairs.


One skirted table - $60

1 – 8’ft skirted table.


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Exhibitor move-out


Sunday, February 26, 2017 04:15 pm - 07:00 pm Please note; move-out will begin once the show has closed and all visitors are out of the venue and the aisles are cleared this will be at approximately 4:15 pm - 4:30 pm. At this time we ask you calmly and efficiently remove all your exhibit materials from the Venue. All exhibit material must be removed by 09:30 pm.  Items left on the show floor after move-out deadline, will be removed and stored at owners expence for 1 week. At which time the materials will become property of Epic outdoor events.


Booth Cleaning: You must leave your booth in the same condition as you arrived. If you fail to do so images will be taken and additional charges may incur. Do not put anything sharp on the pavillion floor. This can damage the floor.