Exhibitors Booth Pricing 2017

Early Bird pricing end September 30th


1 booth (100 sq. feet- 10' x 10'): $675.00


Multiple booths: $575.00 per booth


Deposits are $300 per booth. All prices are subject to 5% gst.


​Regular pricing starts October 1st


1 booth (100 sq. feet- 10' x 10'): $775.00


Multiple booths: $675.00 per booth


Deposits are $300 per booth. All prices are subject to 5% gst.


10 Reasons you to exhibit in Edmonton
  1. Build face to face RELATIONSHIPS and brand AWARENESS

  2. 9 out of 10 consumers who have a direct experience with your brand or product are more likely to do business with you in the future.

  3. You know what they say... getting someone in the door is the hardest part of sales.

  4. The Edmonton Bike Show was launched as an innovative concept, designed to target the fast growing and passionate cycling market in Alberta.

  5. We are targeting a passionate audience who love cycling and the outdoors, have disposable income and enjoy learning about new events, travel cycling, products, bike manufactures, local shops and the latest technology.

  6. If your target market includes active cyclists, passionate outdoor enthusiasts, and event seekers, then the Edmonton Bike Show is for you!

  7. Increased Sales and Lead Generation

  8. Market Research and Product Launching

  9. Product Awareness

  10. Face-to-Face Interactions + Building Relationships = More Leads, More Sales, More Exposure!

Edmonton's cycling community

There are over 500,000 adults who own a bicycle in Edmonton area. Over 400,000 of those report that they ride their bicycles on a regular basis. Edmonton has many designated bike routes within the city limits. What's more is that all of these numbers are on the rise!


Edmonton has a vibrant cycling community made up of many cycling disciplines. This includes commuting, road  biking, mountain biking, BMX, cyclocross, downhill, etc. As a result of the city's close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the surrounding communities are also very popular for cycling. Edmonton has the one if the highest median household income in Canada.

Who attends the show?

Individuals between the ages of 20-49 years old, who are in the prime of their cycling years! Over 70% of attendees come to get educated on the future purchases that they intend to make. Individuals come prepared to demo and learn about  a variety of products and services that the cycling community has to offer. We will provide the venue to showcase, demonstrate, and sell your product to cycling enthusiasts.  


With transportation costs on the rise, and environmental concerns, more and more individuals are looking to cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Existing cyclists are becoming more and more active in the sport as well.  Stuck in traffic all day, or cycle commuting to work? It's an easy answer for most...cycling is definitely a sport on the rise.


Anticipated attendance age demographics:


  • 25%  : 18-30 years of age

  • 35%  : 31-40 years of age

  • 30%  : 41-55 years of age

  • 10%  : 55 years of age and older


Age Demographics
Who Will you See At the show

Exhibitor categories include:

  • Cycling shops

  • Running events

  • Marathon style events

  • Cycling events

  • Cycling manufacturers

  • Cycling accessories

  • Vehicle cycling accessories

  • Nutritional & Sport drinks

  • Cycling travel companies

  • Fitness gyms

  • Yoga studios

  • Spin studios

  • Running retailers

  • Athletic apparel

  • Training and Coaching

  • Athletic medical services

  • Magazines and other publications

  • And many more... Hopefully YOU TOO!


What is included in my booth price?
  • 8 free admission tickets to the show

  • 6 exhibitor VIP badges (more on request)

  • Exposure on the main page of our website (your logo and website link)

  • Your link and logo on our social media pages


The following can be arranged at an additional cost:

(Note: We do not include these items in the base price in order to keep your booth cost down. Should you require any of the following items, they are available to you at an additional cost.




  • Booth Drapery

  • Booth power

  • Booth flooring (carpet)

  • Furnishings

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Displays

  • Packages are available for purchase at our exhibitor’s online shop.

February 25th & 26th, 2017
Saturday, Feb 25th:  10am - 4pm
Saturday, Feb 25th:  4:30pm - 7pm
Sunday, Feb 26th: 10am - 4pm
(Overnight security provided)
University of Alberta
 Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2H9
Show Time & Location